You Laugh, You Lose: The Next Generation


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@Houla: 2006 called…


@Dalans I made an account and the email wouldn’t send to activate it. This forced me to make a new one with my google account.

awwww yeah. here it is.


lmao the video said it was only updated a few days ago though :smile:


a few months old, but i love watching this lol


…annnnnnndddd Steven Merchant has serial killer face.


So the truth comes out!


Honest Company Slogans


I got to the Cosmo one and I have to say, that’s more like female advice on how to torture a man’s genitals, not how to have real sex. Cosmo’s writers are fucking idiots.


Eerily accurate prediction. Note this was posted to Youtube a week ago.



WTF, New Orleans? Not enough nightmare fuel in the world?



50 Cent dubbed over a Jehovah’s Witness trying to get deaf people to stop masturbating:


less funny but more awesome!




How THE FUCK did You Laugh You Lose get this far down the page!? Time to shake this bitch up…




Found this buried in some archived folders on my system:


Somewhere, Paul Verhoeven is smiling and thinking, “Yeah, my version could have used a few more dick shots.”