You Laugh, You Lose: The Next Generation


Some of you may or may not have heard I got a new car.


So…is this a funny pic because it’s totally a lie?


There was that whole, bear/I drive a yellow mustang/car thing that @klocker / @Cheeseus wouldn’t let die…I figured this fit.




Seth Rogan and James Franco’s rendition of the new Kanye video. Potentially NSFW


@Ekasra Something something Freud something something terrible music, blah.


Yeah that just happened.



Oh god, that face at 1:59


Lets get weird.



For the lazy

So a guy is running along the beach when he notices a woman with no arms and no legs, crying. He stops and asks her,

“What’s wrong?” To which she replied,

“I see all these couples together every day, and I’ve never been hugged before.”

So the man hugs her and walks away.

The next day, he runs along the same beach and sees the same woman crying.

“What’s wrong this time?” He says.

“Well, I’ve never been kissed before.”

So he kisses her and runs off.

The third day, he sees her on his run again, and she is crying.

"What’s wrong? " he says.

“Well, this might be a bit much, but I’ve never been fucked before” she replied.

“Well that’s not a problem at all” he says.

So he picks. her up by the torso and throws her into the ocean.

“Well you’re fucked now!”




Pretty good, if you can get through the accent.


@Wematanye Man that was a lotta track to lay for that one…


Time to get topical, bitches!


Now this is a lotta track to lay for one joke…Heyoo!

Edit: fixed because Hit Entertainment is a bunch of dicks